Why fixing the caulk in the tub/shower is important!

Why fixing the caulk in the tub/shower is important! Do you have a shower or tub in need of recaulking? Is there black or some other color in the corners of your shower that don’t match the grout color? This … Continue reading →

Window Sill Care: Paint Grade Sills

We need to determine how bad the sills are before we proceed.
Caulking on the sill or window that is pulling away a little in a few areas only requires a quick fix. Cut away the caulk that’s pulling away by using a utility knife. Be careful not to cut too deeply into the sill.

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Window Sill Care

Taking care of the sills of your windows is a normal part of home maintenance and should be taken care of every two to three years. In your bathrooms and kitchens, because of moisture, this maintenance probably needs to be done yearly.

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Custom Renovation: Milking Barn to Rustic Cottage

This structure was originally an early-twentieth-century milking shed.  The previous owners had  partially converted the hayloft into a workspace and added an attached barn.  When one of our regular clients purchased the property, they called on Compass Home Improvement & … Continue reading →